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Brilliant Berries Bouquet<br>بريلينت بيريز بوكيه | Edible Arrangements®
Product Code: 1512

Brilliant Berries Bouquet
بريلينت بيريز بوكيه

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One Size QAR 450.00


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This elegant bouquet is destined to make a big impression. A beautiful presentation of delectable fresh fruit and rich gourmet chocolate makes a delicious dessert or gorgeous gift. The Brilliant Berries Bouquet is a beautiful blend of cantaloupe balls, honeydew wedges, chocolate dipped strawberries with white glaze, chocolate strawberries with almonds, chocolate dipped apples with a white glaze, chocolate dipped apples with coconut, chocolate dipped apples with almond, dates with 4 different toppings: pistachio, coconut, almond, and white glaze, pineapple daisies, orange wedges, grapes, and strawberries.