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Happy Birthday Pineapple Pops<br>بوب كب كيك الأناناس المغمورة بالشوكولاتة | Edible Arrangements®
Product Code: 1671

Happy Birthday Pineapple Pops
بوب كب كيك الأناناس المغمورة بالشوكولاتة

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12 Count QAR 90.00 24 Count QAR 170.00


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Our Happy Birthday Pineapple Pops™ are an especially sweet addition to any birthday celebration! They're made with just the good stuff - fresh fruit and gourmet chocolate - making them naturally perfect for birthday party favors, kids parties, or a sweet birthday treat. This pop bundle features our adorable pineapple cupcakes, plus our signature pineapple daisies and stars. Container not included. Each pop will be individually wrapped. Discounts have already been applied to this product.